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The Lima Mesh office armchair has a modern and airy design. It is perfect for those who spend a long time at the desk.


Technical specifications:

- Anyfix mechanism that supports the height adjustment of the armchair, the free swing or the fixing of the backrest in one of the positions.
- High ergonomic backrest with lumbar support, upholstered with fiberglass reinforced mesh.
- The seat of the armchair is wide, upholstered with mesh reinforced with glass fiber.
- Folding armrests, adjustable in height.
- Headrest adjustable in height and under the angle of inclination.
- The base of the armchair is made of plastic with plastic wheels.



- Seat height: 114 - 128 cm;
- Base diameter: 65 cm;
- Sitting height: 45 - 55 cm;
- Armrest height (from seat): 17 - 27 cm;
- Sitting depth: 50 cm;
- Seat width: 50 cm;
- Backrest height (with headrest): 82 cm;
- Total depth: 70 cm;
- Total width: 67 cm.

Express delivery

Free delivery within Chisinau within 24-48 hours, for orders over 1000 lei. For settlements outside the Chisinau municipality - delivery is paid within 48-72 hours. Delivery is carried out to the entrance / premises of the buyer.