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Sets of upholstered furniture! MEGA - discounts!

Sale of upholstered furniture sets for offices, public areas and recreation areas from European and local manufacturers.

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29 920 MDL
45 250 MDL 25 000 MDL

Dauphin InTouch High Back Swivel Chair with Neckrest - White Edition

InTouch: this is design and ergonomics in perfect harmony ensuring optimum efficiency of movement with an economical posture.

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Tango Chairs! Everybody dance!

It always takes two to dance TANGO. Whether it is a conference chair, a high-back chair or a lounge chair with a high back, which offers privacy - you will always find it a worthy mate chair from this group of chairs.

Coming soon in our showroom!

The SILENT ROOM acoustic cabins create a perfect place for peace, quietness and privacy. All you need is to choose the right size!

Business meeting with partners. Dauphin Company

We had an annual meeting with our long-time partner, the German manufacturer Dauphin. We have discussed new niches for development, Mr. Kappelman has presented new products to us, which we will offer in Moldova soon.

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