Exclusively in Moldova. Premium chairs from
Hundreds of top-notch international professionals invest their time and talent in development. They create the perfect chair that will take care of your health and well-being for years to come. Cabinet Plus is a leader in creating and optimizing workspaces.
Executive office series by Cabinet Plus.
For the executive office to express leadership and authority, every detail must be considered, including aesthetic and functional aspects.
Ergonomic chairs - Cabinet Plus experts.
Ergonomic chairs are a long-term investment not only in business but also in health for you and your employees. Obviously, high-quality furniture is more expensive, but given the lifespan and the fact that they will be used almost every day, this makes this purchase profitable.
Adjustable tables - Cabinet Plus exclusive.
Our bodies are designed to move, and Cabinet Plus products support the mobility and activity of the user. An adjustable table is the best choice for those who do not want to adapt to their circumstances.
Image - Transformable spaces.
It is no longer desirable, or even impossible, for a company to pay for real estate that serves only one function.
Image - we create multisensory offices.
When you enter any workplace, you should immediately feel good about yourself. Furniture should be arranged organically, colors should be pleasing to the eye, and you should feel meaningful and enthusiastic.
Image - offices that stimulate innovation.
There is no doubt about that; dramatic changes in workplace design are coming. After decades of faceless, disparate offices, many companies now believe that inviting, humanized spaces are needed to drive innovation.
Cabinet Plus - The Shape of Your Success.
We embody success in the design of office spaces: we have identified its key characteristics, and then come up with a suitable and specific form for them. The result of our work can be seen in our portfolio.
The king's throne is a symbol of status.
The throne is a ruler's chair, often installed on a dais and crowned with a canopy, personifies the power of the one sitting on it, and sometimes endows him.
How to choose office furniture.
Whether you are looking to update existing office furniture or are opening your first office, choosing office furniture takes some foresight.
Sushi restaurant Maguro - pure inspiration.
The project was developed under the strict guidance of the designer and architect from Moldova Elena Agafonova. The restaurant offers delicious dishes and a pleasant atmosphere. Restaurant interior is a crucial factor in attracting guests
Right supplier -
If you are looking for office furniture that works as efficiently as you do, then you have found the right supplier - We have everything you need to equip your workplace.