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Hundreds of top-notch international professionals invest their time and talent in development. They create the perfect chair that will take care of your health and well-being for years to come. Cabinet Plus is a leader in creating and optimizing workspaces.

Executive office series by Cabinet Plus.

For the executive office to express leadership and authority, every detail must be considered, including aesthetic and functional aspects.

Ergonomic chairs - Cabinet Plus experts.

Ergonomic chairs are a long-term investment not only in business but also in health for you and your employees. Obviously, high-quality furniture is more expensive, but given the lifespan and the fact that they will be used almost every day, this makes this purchase profitable.

Adjustable tables - Cabinet Plus exclusive.

Our bodies are designed to move, and Cabinet Plus products support the mobility and activity of the user. An adjustable table is the best choice for those who do not want to adapt to their circumstances. - Transformable spaces.

It is no longer desirable, or even impossible, for a company to pay for real estate that serves only one function. - we create multisensory offices.

When you enter any workplace, you should immediately feel good about yourself. Furniture should be arranged organically, colors should be pleasing to the eye, and you should feel meaningful and enthusiastic. - offices that stimulate innovation.

There is no doubt about that; dramatic changes in workplace design are coming. After decades of faceless, disparate offices, many companies now believe that inviting, humanized spaces are needed to drive innovation.

Cabinet Plus - The Shape of Your Success.

We embody success in the design of office spaces: we have identified its key characteristics, and then come up with a suitable and specific form for them. The result of our work can be seen in our portfolio.

The king's throne is a symbol of status.

The throne is a ruler's chair, often installed on a dais and crowned with a canopy, personifies the power of the one sitting on it, and sometimes endows him.

How to choose office furniture.

Whether you are looking to update existing office furniture or are opening your first office, choosing office furniture takes some foresight.

Sushi restaurant Maguro - pure inspiration.

The project was developed under the strict guidance of the designer and architect from Moldova Elena Agafonova. The restaurant offers delicious dishes and a pleasant atmosphere. Restaurant interior is a crucial factor in attracting guests

Right supplier -

If you are looking for office furniture that works as efficiently as you do, then you have found the right supplier - We have everything you need to equip your workplace. - we create spaces that inspire success.

Although people tend to think of themselves as rational, much of the decision-making process is driven by emotion, often in the form of an unconscious and immediate response to stimuli. The strategic approach to designing workspaces from, taking into account emotions, is an integral part of the principles of successful office space design.

Acoustic cabins - Cabinet Plus Experts.

To organize comfortable work in modern offices, special soundproof capsules are increasingly used. They are also called skype rooms or telephone booths. This useful attribute will perfectly fit into the working interior, adding a certain solidity and prestige to the entire office.

Cabinet plus in a new look. The beginning of the rebranding process.

After 19 years of work and several changes that have taken place recently, it became clear that not only our clients expect us to grow and develop, but also ourselves.

Boost office productivity through design and interior space planning.

At, our team know how to meet the functional needs of your office while making the most of your space and office furniture.

Types of offices in Chisinau: cabinet, open space, combined.

By type of layout, offices are usually divided into: - office corridor type offices, - cubic layout, - open space offices, - combined offices. - say No to mess! The problems that the storage system will solve.

The best way to achieve cleanliness is to create an environment in which disorder is impossible. Give color and atmosphere to a simple office space. Impossible? See our answer to typical office problems - high-quality storage systems from European manufacturers.

How to choose the right color and lighting for your office.

Color can liven up an office and create the right mood for your professionals. Different colors can have different psychological and emotional effects, and allow the employer to maximize the efficiency of employees in the office. - Office design for good mental health.

2020 is a year we will not forget. It tested our professionalism and mental health. Many studies show that healthy and happy workers increase their productivity, and companies are paying attention to this.

Modern offices in Moldova: everything you need to know.

Modern office space is truly beautiful. Gone are the endless rows of booths, replaced by spacious rooms, vibrant colors, natural lighting and materials. This shift from indoor to open office design has had a profound impact on the happiness, productivity, and creativity of employees in modern offices around the world.

What is Office Design.

The term "office design" refers to the decorative and functional aspects of the workspace - it has become a science and implies: Sustainability. Technology. Health and wellness. Corporate culture. It is important to note that office design is not only about arranging tables and chairs in a room, it is a whole science. Interior design is now considered a vital and integral part of creating a successful office space, be it a new finish or a renewal of existing furnishings.

Create limitless space with Cabinet Plus My Space.

Cabinet Plus is a recognized leader in the creation and transformation of spaces. Our experts use modern solutions to optimize and improve your business opportunities. The My Space product line from a world-class brand with headquarters in Lithuania, Narbutas is a modern and reliable solution for office space.

Cabinet Plus - exclusive premium armchairs in Moldova.

Premium models of chairs represent years of scientific development, study of human ergonomics, physiology, the best materials and advanced technologies. Hundreds of world-class top-notch professionals invest their time and talent in development. They create the perfect chair that will take care of your health and well-being for years to come.

Cabinet Plus - ergonomic chairs improve health.

Ergonomic chairs are a long-term investment not only in business but also in health. Buying an ergonomic chair is beneficial considering the lifespan, frequency of use, and the benefits you get.

How to choose furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars. Cabinet Plus expert advice.

For the restaurant business, furniture is an important resource for attracting new visitors and maintaining the loyalty of guests who have already visited your establishment. Restaurant furniture plays the role of an important element of communication with the consumer, letting him know what to expect from the establishment.

Important nuances in planning and creating a hotel.

Design and architecture are an important element in the hotel business and deserve special admiration, even apart from the business models of this or that enterprise. However, first of all, a hotel is a business, so the hotel premises are carefully thought out from a social and behavioral point of view.

Cabinet Plus. How to work from home for pleasure.

In the life of a business person, work never stops, therefore, for entrepreneurs and efficiency-oriented "AAA" professionals, having a home office is the norm.

Cabinet Plus - projects that combine offices and nature.

In Cabinet Plus projects, we create a space that allows your employees to breathe deeply and feel free. The solutions used in our projects tune specialists to work, motivate, and fill them with creative ideas.

A modern office is an important tool in the struggle for profit.

How to increase the profitability of business in Moldova? Business theory says - assets need to be built up. In a market with such high competition as in Moldova, many forget about such an important and at first glance obvious asset as a professional team.

In the hands of the artist Furniture becomes an art.

An armchair is a functional unit. Creating designer furniture, the artist focuses on comfort and convenience, but the difference between mass production and furniture from the designer in history and attention to details.

What affects the price of office in Chișinău.

The price of repair, construction and furnishings of offices depends on the objectives of the project. We know the best solution for each of the tasks, and you set the tasks. Therefore, if the key objective is an affordable price, we know how to achieve this.

Tango Chairs! Everybody dance!

It always takes two to dance TANGO. Whether it is a conference chair, a high-back chair or a lounge chair with a high back, which offers privacy - you will always find it a worthy mate chair from this group of chairs.

Coming soon in our showroom!

The SILENT ROOM acoustic cabins create a perfect place for peace, quietness and privacy. All you need is to choose the right size!

Business meeting with partners. Dauphin Company

We had an annual meeting with our long-time partner, the German manufacturer Dauphin. We have discussed new niches for development, Mr. Kappelman has presented new products to us, which we will offer in Moldova soon.