11 652 MDL 8 500 MDL

8 500 lei for an adjustable table! The best price in Chisinau!

The electric adjustable desk is an indispensable tool in maintaining employee productivity and well-being in the ever-changing work environment.

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12 430 MDL 9 325 MDL


QUICK STAND ECO Humanscale, England, USA.

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Armchairs sales

Best time to change your armchair, super prices and a wide range!

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60 335 MDL 29 950 MDL


Curved shaped four-seater sofa.

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38 145 MDL 19 635 MDL


The main feature of the Champ chair is that its design uses a completely new development of the German factory Interstuhl – the Body Float mechanism. This mechanism allows you to constantly maintain the optimal angle between the back of the chair and its seat, regardless of the body movements of the person sitting in it. The modern gas cartridge not only allows you to adjust the Champ in height, but also provides excellent seat cushioning.

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26 630 MDL 16 299 MDL

NU, ProfiM

The Nu collection is an innovative approach to organizing space when the main requirement is compactness. This is a versatile collection suitable for both business and leisure spaces. Nu adds a unique character to both office spaces and hotel foyer, for example.

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16 965 MDL 6 200 MDL

Pelican armchair, Profim

Pelikan is the result of innovative design ideas in furniture design. The organically natural shape of the chair is perfect for places where you need to sit for an extended period of time: library, meeting rooms, reception…. Pelikan attracts attention with its original form and is the solution for interiors where any free space is priceless. The niche under the seat is designed to store there: books, laptops, handbags ...

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8 810 MDL 5 400 MDL

Danae Armchair

Danae is a bright and stylish addition for your office!

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59 110 MDL 47 228 MDL


Ergonomics, comfort and style at work place. The KBS Executive set will beautify any office and give a state of comfort to its user.

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8 745 MDL 6 279 MDL


Jazz lockers are a design solution for a modern and stylish office.

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