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You can be proud of being able to invite the entire business Olympus.

The Zeus office embodies reliability, confidence and unquestionable authority. The owner of such an office is not afraid to be successful. He demands respect and gets it. The energy of the office is embodied in its massive contours, confident lines, stable supports and the noble color of the wood.

The warm color of the wood emphasizes the nobility and the cold metal gives severity. Designers have provided a huge number of layout options for spatial solutions.

Special attention should be paid to the advantages of Zeus in the ability to organize meeting areas. A well-designed system of modular connections allows you to organize meetings and conferences consisting of four to one hundred or more participants.


Express delivery

Free delivery within Chisinau within 24-48 hours, for orders over 1000 lei. For settlements outside the Chisinau municipality - delivery is paid within 48-72 hours. Delivery is carried out to the entrance / premises of the buyer.