We imagined that Zoom would have a fast interaction with users in waiting areas. The basic form is pretty familiar, we designed it as a chain of stools. This perception of short-term use makes it easy to move over and gives sense of mobility to the product. Zoom designed without a back panel, this feature makes it easy for users to communicate with each other. The thick sectioned metal material provides the strength and durability expected of multiple users’ product, whereas the solid wood attachments give this furniture a light feel. Wood accessories easily blend with the rest of the furniture and deliver attractive and likeable look. Geometric form with soft transition used in the sitting areas is a prompt reference to comfort. Series come with selection of the various materials and colors for the seating, the textile cover option is framed to reduce the wear of material. Anticipating the quick wear off in the public areas the seat cover is suitable for frequent replacement.

Burotime, Turkey
term of 20 to 60 days
Ece Yalım - Oğuz Yalım
1 year
from 7 215 MDL
from 601 MDL / when buying on credit for 12 months

- Three or four seats.
- Artificial  leather/fabric  alternatives.
- Metal  frame,  wood  legs.
- 35 kg/m3 density sponge legs.
- Membrane coated Q46 cm (coffe table)

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