What affects the price of office in Chișinău.

Since 2001, the Cabinet Plus team has been creating and updating office spaces. During this time, we have implemented hundreds of projects, both for industry leaders and for small companies. We can proudly declare that the best professionals of Moldova are working for the benefit of their companies, sitting at the desks provided by Cabinet Plus.

Cabinet Plus - projects that solve the problems of your business.


The secret of our demand is that we do not sell expensive or cheap offices, we sell offices that work for you. Our team explores your business to create the optimal office space for your tasks.

The price of repair, construction and furnishings of offices depends on the objectives of the project. We know the best solution for each of the tasks, and you set the tasks. Therefore, if the key objective is an affordable price, we know how to achieve this.

What affects the price of office repairs.


An office renovation or repair project in Cabinet Plus is created individually for each customer. Even if the project is built solely around standard, generally accepted solutions, we create a project focused specifically on your task.

Prices for the repair of offices are based on the following indicators.


  • The cost of developing an office design project and redevelopment agreements.
  • The condition of the building at the time when repair begins;
  • Estimated repair work;
  • The cost of materials for decoration;
  • Cost of draft materials;
  • Office space;
  • The condition of the floors.

What affects the price of office furniture.

Projects for the supply and installation of office furniture, the arrangement of conference rooms or reception areas are the tasks most often encountered by our experts. Based on our vast experience, we can easily create the best solution for any office space.


Prices for office furniture are based on the following indicators.


  • Availability of ready-made solutions on the market;
  • Materials and components;
  • Office in which the furniture is mounted;
  • Production technology;
  • The volume of the project.


Complex approach is the best way to optimize costs.


Cabinet Plus is a team of professionals. Based on our experience in implementing projects of any complexity and industry knowledge, we know how to create the optimal office space. Our experts are ready to join the project at any stage, or take control of the project from the start.

Project implementation of tasks guarantees:


  • Control over all stages of the project;
  • Integrated procurement from suppliers;
  • Quality assurance for all elements of the project;
  • Supervision of the activities of subcontractors;
  • Optimal solutions for the whole complex;
  • Projected costs at the design stage.

In our portfolio, you can study examples of projects implemented by the Cabinet Plus team. Each of the examples is our achievement, which we are rightly proud of.

Find out the cost of project implementation from Cabinet Plus specialists.