Important nuances in planning and creating a hotel.

Design and architecture are an important element in the hotel business and deserve special admiration, even apart from the business models of this or that enterprise. However, first of all, a hotel is a business, so the hotel premises are carefully thought out from a social and behavioral point of view.

The main task of the design of all hotel complexes and hotels is to create the best conditions for the consumer, while optimizing costs. It is in such conditions that the management company can maximize the profitability of the business, and by scaling its activities create new, even more modern and comfortable projects.

The designer is looking for a solution that simultaneously meets the needs of business and hotel visitors. In this matter, every little thing is important, and each of them can play a fatal role. The visitor may like the style and overall design, but one little thing can kill the whole pleasure of the visit. At the same time, you can create an ideal project for guests, but at the same time, choose furniture that will greatly complicate the cleaning process, which will affect not only the processes within the project but also the comfort of visitors.

It is impossible to create a perfect hotel, but the desire for anything less than perfection is unacceptable for a designer. The fonts on the menu, the acoustics in every room, and even the smell of cosmetic products - everything is important.

Important stages in the creation and design of a hotel or hotel.

First of all, the designer is obliged to create an ergonomic space that simultaneously satisfies the needs of business and visitors. It is impossible to create a competent space based on theoretical knowledge. It is important to understand how the hotel works, in all the nuances, in order to anticipate all possible scenarios and create an optimal solution. 


The designer should know:

  • How to optimize and separate visitors and staff;
  • How and at what time to organize the delivery of products;
  • How to comply with the necessary security requirements at the hotel;
  • How to create efficient and economical lighting;
  • How to choose furniture that is convenient to use and easy to clean;
  • When are there many guests in the lobby and how to accommodate them;
  • How to create and organize multifunctional spaces.

To take into account all these points, the hotel designer divides his activities into several groups.

This list mainly includes:

  • Organization of transportation and accommodation of visitors;
  • Selection and installation of furniture suitable for functionality and comfort;
  • Calculation of the service life and durability of furniture and equipment;
  • Algorithms for accepting check-in and check-out of visitors at different load levels.

For example, it is important for hotels to choose furniture that is convenient for guests, while it is important to consider how convenient it will be for service personnel to work with it during cleaning and assembly of equipment. It is important to remember that furniture in hotels and hotels is often moved and actively used. In connection with these requirements, hoteliers prefer furniture that meets the following qualities:

  • Abundant use of wear-resistant materials that are easy to repair without replacement;
  • Models are preferred that are combined with metal tabs and are easily disassembled because the furniture in hotels is often disassembled and transported;
  • The fabric is another important aspect. It is important that the fabric is easy to replace, important qualities: non-flammable, easy cleaning, wear resistance, easy replacement;
  • The bed is an area with special cleaning requirements, even when compared to the highest standards in the hospitality industry. Choose models that are easy to clean;
  • Create planes that are easy to clean. For example, shelves are always easier to clean than drawers, etc.

Hotels - Profitable Aesthetics

Remember that guests choose a hotel or inn with their eyes. It is important to understand that design is a form of communication with the consumer; through design, you inform future guests about what to expect from a visit to your hotel.

Entrepreneurs, for example, will prioritize a hotel in a minimalist or high-tech style. The classic and luxurious interiors are more suitable for tourist-oriented businesses.
The task of design, combined with the service, the right promotion strategy, etc. create conditions under which the hotel will make a profit.

Perhaps an exception to this rule can be considered ART-hotels that are gaining popularity. Such a hotel can be of interest to both entrepreneurs and tourists at the same time because, on the one hand, such an establishment does not distract the consumer from work, but at the same time immerses the visitor in the local flavor.


Another important factor. Durable and reliable equipment. Furniture and other systems are more expensive, but bring huge benefits in the long run. In addition to direct savings on repairs, maintenance, and replacement, purchasing high-quality furniture and equipment you can protect yourself from unexpected breakdowns and early wear and tear, which in any case will lead to an increase in the level of service, and this in turn brings consumer loyalty.

When choosing furnishings and furniture for a hotel, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Pay special attention to products created specifically for the restaurant and hotel business;
  • Products must meet quality standards;
  • Pay particular attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier. (In the category of quality products, it is difficult to hide consumer dissatisfaction.);
  • Build on the experience of your colleagues. A community of restaurateurs, hoteliers, and designers is ready to share knowledge.
  • Remember that furniture for the consumer market is built to a much lower load, and rare models are suitable for hotels and hotels. Both functionally and in terms of wear resistance.

Uniform hotel style. Recommendations for designers.


A hotel is an architectural ensemble of premises that fulfill completely different operational requirements, but at the same time must be united by the style of the enterprise. Different zones should be brought to the same style and design. The harmony of the interior and exterior of the building begins with the foyer and public spaces and ends with bathrooms, it is important to bring everything to one common denominator.

At the same time, it is important to maintain the versatility of the premises. To increase profitability, you need to quickly adapt your business to meet the needs of certain guests, this will ensure the maximum flow of guests.

For example: when creating a restaurant space, it is important at the planning stage to lay the possibility of transforming it into a conference room or a banquet hall.

The more variability in the services offered by your hotel, the more consumers will use your services.


Facade architecture and hotel design.

Style solutions for hotels can be conditionally divided into two large groups, with many subgroups.

Some consumers want to get the most universal solutions that will not deduce from the reality in which they are used to being, for example: for an entrepreneur who comes on a business visit, it is important to be in his usual environment and keep the strength for doing business, therefore, interior solutions used for business hotels are universal in almost the entire world, and are often offered by chain hotels. At the same time, a tourist wishing to get acquainted with the culture and folklore of a certain region will give preference to a hotel, which, with its design solutions, will immerse it in the environment characteristic of the region.

At the same time, it is important that the hotel blends harmoniously with its surroundings. A high-tech hotel in the historic center will look as ridiculous as an art hotel in a residential area, these are extremes, but you probably get the essence.

For example, the designer of the “Zentrum” hotel in the center of Chisinau, when creating, did not strive to create a completely new building, but on the contrary, to preserve as many elements of the building built in the 1900s as possible, in order to convey the image and feeling of old Chisinau, and demonstrate to visitors that way, which the city has passed in this long time.

When creating a design project, remember that the environment and area in which the hotel exists is the main strength of the designer and a source of inspiration. Immerse yourself in the energy of the environment and the idea of ​​the institution, and create a project that organically merges and complements the environment.


Choosing a furniture supplier in Moldova.

Almost every hotelier, at one point or another in his career, has encountered problems when choosing furniture for a hotel space. The number of options offered by the furniture industry is simply colossal, at first glance, this situation makes it easier to choose suitable furniture, but this is not entirely true.

The large assortment of hotel furniture ensures that the hotelier can find the right model for his project, but this is incredibly difficult to do. It is difficult to determine the balance of price and quality at the stage of furniture selection, and a situation arises in which the hotelier can take either an affordable price or, on the contrary, purchase high-quality but unjustifiably expensive products.


Hospitality standards and base kits.

First of all, it is important to understand: furniture produced for mass household use is not suitable for hotels, because, in such establishments, high operational requirements are set in front of the furniture. Paints and varnishes wear out much faster because cleaning is carried out every day, fittings wear out much faster, etc.

In the research centers of world-renowned furniture manufacturers, there are entire research complexes that constantly analyze the experience of using products and constantly work to improve the products. Obviously, no one is eager to share such knowledge, and the many years of experience of a furniture manufacturer, in this case, speaks not only of consumer confidence in one brand or another but also guarantees that the manufacturer's many years of experience influenced the quality of hotel furniture.


Furniture sets for rooms and hotel spaces.

Depending on the number of stars in the hotel and on the class of the room, the furniture located in the room can be very different.In small hotels, premium furniture can be considered overkill, however, if you offer services to a consumer who is used to premium products in everyday use, you simply cannot offer him products smaller standard.

High-end rooms usually have more than just bedrooms. For example, a high-quality business hotel should definitely offer a room with an office, and a family-format hotel should offer a room with a spacious living room. It is important to offer conditions that most closely match the expectations of the guest, for example: for a presidential suite, a table must be ready to accommodate 10-15 people, such a table can be used both for eating and for holding negotiations.

Many manufacturers offer furniture sets to optimize a particular zone, if you have not found such a solution for your enterprise, then Cabinet Plus specialists will easily assemble a set of furniture that is ideal for your tasks, or prepare an offer for the production of furniture at the Cabinet Plus production facilities or partners. Based on our experience, we can easily find the perfect solution for your business needs.


Practical advice.

If you do not have the necessary experience, then we sincerely recommend that you contact our experts, even if you decide to order furniture yourself, you will receive a lot of useful information on how to choose the right furniture for your establishment. But, if you nevertheless decide to select furniture for your establishment yourself, then pay special attention to the advice of our specialists.

  • First of all - high strength, and only then, aesthetic design. The beauty of furniture is a matter of taste and aesthetics; models similar to each other like two drops of water can have completely different performance characteristics.
  • The reliability of the fittings is a priority. It is difficult to check the quality of the fittings on-site, and inexperienced hoteliers do not want to pay extra for it, because often this element is hidden from guests. And in vain, because it is this element that has the maximum load.
  • Try to choose products that are easy to transport and disassemble. This is not a strict recommendation, however, if you have two similar models and one of them is easier to transport, choose it.
  • The first indicator of poor build quality is the upholstery. Pay close attention to the quality of the seams and how the pattern is folded. Even in the most high-tech production, there is a defect, but such elements should make you think.
  • Another important indicator of build quality is fasteners. Bolts, screws, clips, and nails must be accurately and securely fixed. Backlash is rare, but a poor-quality installation of fasteners immediately gives out a poor-quality assembly.
  • Everyone knows that you need to choose a fabric for furniture that is difficult to tear, stain, and easy to wash. At the same time, many forget about the harm that the sun's rays can cause, choose a fabric that is resistant to sunlight.
  • When ordering furniture from a supplier or manufacturer, inquire if they can provide additional fabric cuts to repair and maintain the furniture in good condition.
  • Furniture should be resistant to chemicals used in cleaning the premises and, under the optimal scenario, allow the use of dry cleaning.
  • If possible, choose non-staining colors that will not be conspicuous for spots. Considering that furniture will have to be repaired sooner or later, try to choose models on which the replacement of fabric and elements with increased load is not difficult.
  • Explore elements with high durability requirements. Pay attention to the presence of a protective coating on these modules.
  • Choose models with paints that are resistant to wear and tear from frequent cleaning and polishing.
  • If you are completely satisfied with the product, make sure that the manufacturer or supplier can guarantee that the product is on time and quality.
  • Another not obvious aspect: the range of the manufacturer. This is important not only to ensure that you select the perfect product for you but also to minimize the chances of a neighboring hotel buying identical furniture models.
  • If we are talking about the manufacturer. Then choose a manufacturer that can solve all the problems of your business. It is important that one manufacturer can provide standard accommodations, economy rooms, and suites with everything a visitor needs.
  • Study the offer of not only regional, but also foreign manufacturers. There are a number of foreign companies that deliver their products all over the world. Often the price for these products is higher, but the experience of the manufacturer will be considered a guarantee of quality.

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Important nuances in planning and creating a hotel.

Design and architecture are an important element in the hotel business and deserve special admiration, even apart from the business models of this or that enterprise. However, first of all, a hotel is a business, so the hotel premises are carefully thought out from a social and behavioral point of view.

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