How to choose furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars. Cabinet Plus expert advice.

For the restaurant business, furniture is an important resource for attracting new visitors and maintaining the loyalty of guests who have already visited your establishment. Restaurant furniture plays the role of an important element of communication with the consumer, letting him know what to expect from the establishment. High-quality and beautiful furniture tells the potential visitor what level of service awaits him, the design creates a special atmosphere, which in synergy with other factors creates a “restaurant atmosphere” for which the consumer pays.

An experienced restaurateur, realizing the importance of high-quality design and furniture for restaurants and cafes, skillfully uses the interior as an element of business strategy. Choosing interior solutions for an establishment is a complex process in which it is very easy to make a mistake. The furniture industry offers a huge range of furniture, which makes it difficult for an inexperienced restaurateur to make the right choice. Focusing solely on the price of furniture, you can easily fall for sweet prices, and as a result, choose not expensive, but low-quality goods, on the other hand, relying solely on quality, it is easy to run into unreasonably expensive products that will last a long time, but greatly reduce the profitability of the business.

Only by relying on a wealth of experience, you can choose products that will serve the objectives of your business. In this article, we've compiled a number of tips to help you make fewer mistakes and create the conditions under which your business will thrive. General rules when choosing furniture:

  • Reliability and sustainability. Obviously, strive to select the highest quality furniture within your budget. But, an important factor that is often overlooked is stability, tables must stand firmly on support legs.
  • Convenience. The exterior of the interior makes the first "wow" impression and maintains the restaurant atmosphere throughout the entire visit, but all the beauty of the interior can be destroyed by the discomfort of the furniture inconvenience.
  • Safety. Furniture made from environmentally friendly and high-quality materials is not only aesthetic but also creates additional protection for the consumer. Pay attention to the models made of wood, and when choosing furniture made of plastic, take a closer look at the quality of the material.
  • Durability. Obviously an important element. In this matter, everything is simple if you treat the purchase of furniture as an investment, durable furniture lasts longer, increases consumer comfort, and breaks less often. Thus, look not for the “best” but for the “optimal” price.
  • Hygiene. Another, at first glance, an obvious factor with a lot of pitfalls. Water-repellent materials applied to tables and chairs make cleaning easier and should easily tolerate the chemicals used in cleaning. At the same time, remember that complex shapes and textures complicate cleaning.
  • Attractiveness. This parameter is not in vain the last in the list. An important factor that you must be guided by, but it makes no sense if you have not checked the furniture for compliance with all the previous points. Choose products within the overall design of the bar and restaurant.
  • When choosing furniture, take into account the size and architecture of the room in which it will be used. High ceilings allow the use of massive and complex structures, while small rooms are better furnished with light "airy" furniture.

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Types of establishments and requirements for furniture products in them.


Depending on the distribution of areas of attention, establishments can be divided into several groups:

In restaurants, the areas of interest and interaction of visitors are evenly distributed throughout the hall, in bars, there is an important center of attention for visitors - the bar counter. It is from here that the formation of the entire architectural ensemble in the place and the choice of furniture begins.

The bar is the architectural and stylistic center of the establishment, from which the zones of interest of visitors radiate in waves. The most active and highly social consumers will strive as close to the center as possible, and the further the zone is located from the counter, the more intimate and calm the guest gets. This is not a universal rule and decisions vary from place to place, but in most cases, this trend continues.

Depending on the positioning of the establishment, it can be divided into several groups:

  • Mass consumer-oriented establishments. (fast food outlets, discounters, low-cost bars, affordable nightclubs, etc.).

A small average check in this segment is easily compensated by low expectations and a large number of visitors, such establishments offer a relatively low price for their services. In this segment, it is critically important to optimize maintenance costs, this applies not only to business processes and work with personnel but also to interior solutions. Convenience and design play a significant role in this segment, but first of all, pay attention to wear-resistant and durable solutions. It is important to understand that these are not necessarily cheap solutions. frequent breakdowns and rapid wear and tear from a large flow of visitors entail additional costs.

  • Social and entertainment establishments. (karaoke, art cafe, cafe, etc.)

The formats of the establishments in this segment are very flexible. In one city, you can find several art cafes with huge average checks and a high level of service adjacent to the low-class art cafes, which, within their format, compete with the first ones in terms of profit. When visiting such a place, the consumer expects that the environment in which he finds himself will echo his mood, entertain him, and create additional opportunities for socialization.

The flow of visitors in such establishments is lower than in the first one; the interior of establishments from this group, first of all, should stimulate an increase in the average check. Restaurateurs have a whole deck of tricks for this. When choosing furniture, remember that even in a relatively inexpensive establishment, the consumer expects a special attitude and furniture products in this case are a great opportunity to demonstrate this attitude.

  • Premium-oriented businesses. (restaurants and high-class establishments oriented towards VIP guests).

The restaurateurs working in this segment are both brilliant artists and mathematicians. The stakes in this group are incredibly high, but the game is often worth the candle. In the premium segment, every mistake can be fatal, so the highest demands are made in front of the entire team and the interior of the establishment. VIP guests expect the best in everything, including interior solutions.

When choosing furniture for this segment, it is important to pay attention to the operational requirements dictated by the format of the establishment. Guests' expectations will not allow you to do without high-quality products, but at the same time, it is important to choose models that will be easy to maintain and update for staff. For example, you can buy high-quality Italian plastic patio furniture that would serve you for decades, but the inconvenient storage system and the need to do this every evening will lead to financial losses in the first year. Try to anticipate such moments.

It is important to understand that the division is conditional, and in order to increase the attractiveness and profitability of the place, the work formats are mixed.

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 Formation of a design project for the place.

The first and important step in determining the list of expectations and tasks for the entire interior of the establishment is the creation of a design project. Determine the format and target audience for the place, carefully work out this issue with the foreman and designer. The involvement of both specialists is important. At the planning stage, the foreman plays the role of a voice of common sense, the main goal of which is to optimize your expenses during the construction and operation of the establishment. At the same time, it is the designer who defends the interests of consumers and seeks to create a space to which the visitor will want to return.

A good foreman always strives to reduce costs, and a designer strives not to express himself through interior solutions, but to create an ergonomic emotional and social zone that will bring new visitors and broadcast the policy of your place to visitors, even before they try the dishes and service in your establishment.

A design project implies not only architectural and design solutions adapted to the requests of your potential customers, but also all stylistic solutions used in the work, and must also first study all business processes that will take place in the place. Only in this case, you will be able to fully study the upcoming workflow, and even at the planning stage, avoid many mistakes.
It is important to understand that there are no perfect solutions. Planning a new establishment is always a game of chess against circumstances, many decisions are dictated by the initial state of the building in which the establishment is being built, or, for example, the state of the industry and market in a particular city.

How to choose furniture for a restaurant in Chisinau.

When choosing furniture for a restaurant, research your competitors. Pay attention to establishments focused on the same social group as your future establishment. Pay attention to the design and interior solutions that they use in their work, and think about how you can do better.

Any concept can be made better. At the same time, it is your style and vision that should be transmitted in everything, otherwise, the sophisticated consumer will quickly see through the imitator in you.

The main furniture items used in a restaurant - tables, chairs, sofas - in restaurants are usually large in size to create additional comfort.

Unlike a cafe, the following furniture features are important for a restaurant in Chisinau:

  • Dining tables with spacious worktops. A large table size increases the average check and allows for more guests. It is important to understand that when choosing a table size you balance between the number of seats and the size of the average bill.
  • Restaurant chairs, usually with armrests and padded seats. Chairs in a restaurant are an important attribute of not only a comfortable stay of a guest in a restaurant but also an increase in profitability. The rested and relaxed guest thanks you for additional orders and brings new customers.
  • If resources and space allow, give priority to armchairs as seating places, they are an established attribute of relaxation, at the same time sofas complement the picture and allow you to create comfort zones with a flexible number of seats.
  • Use fabric removable covers, pillows, and ottomans. Such solutions make it easier to maintain furniture and allow for quick replacement of damaged elements, at the same time, they add flexibility to seating areas.
  • The appearance of the furniture is dictated by the concept of the premises and the operational requirements by the format of the place. Remember the main rule, first of all, furniture solves the problems of your business, consumer comfort is a key task, the main one, but not the only one.


How to choose furniture for a cafe in Chisinau.

The format of a café establishment implies constant demand, which is achieved by a very delicate balance of service, cooking, and interior design. It is also a place where you can satisfy your hunger with a quick snack, spend time talking with friends, and invite a girl out on a date, or sit quietly at your laptop.

A variety of furniture for a cafe in Chisinau will make your stay comfortable and pleasant for the widest possible group of consumers. Choose products that can simultaneously satisfy the largest possible number of requests of your visitors, while maintaining the format of the concept of a place and having the appropriate performance characteristics.

Speaking of style, if the concept does not require special solutions, choose a neutral, style that will not annoy visitors. At the same time, the design should be memorable, the easiest way to achieve this is by design solutions not related to furniture, create “zones of interest” in the establishment using a variety of decor and design solutions.

A cafe is a place with high traffic and setting requirements for comfort, therefore, when choosing furniture, rely on the following factors:

  • Create as many footprints as possible. Even during peak periods, the guest must find a place to stay. Alternatively, create an area where the guest can wait until a more comfortable space becomes available.
  • More zones. At the same time, create zones that solve various tasks of visitors. A guest who comes in for a bite to eat will be glad to sit in a less comfortable area, on an ordinary dining chair.
  • At the same time, a company wishing to relax will choose a place with a sofa.
  • Balance the seating value. For example, place places with less comfortable furniture by the windows, place large tables deeper in the hall, use comfortable places in locations for a small number of guests, etc.
  • The cafe is a place with a high flow of guests. Choose furniture that is highly resistant to wear and tear and create areas of interest. The main task of furniture in such establishments is not to create discomfort; in most cases, it is better to create coziness through other resources.
  • Create a variety of styles. A cafe, unlike a restaurant, can afford more freedom and dare in design. Several styles and concepts will allow more visitors to find what they like but avoid too colorful solutions.
  • As is the case with restaurants. Replaceable cushions, covers, and easily replaceable fabric are great choices.

When choosing furniture, give priority to light and compact solutions with increased reliability. Explore the experiences of local and foreign restaurateurs, look for brands that make products specifically for restaurants and cafes.

 An excellent solution is a wooden furniture, or furniture from a metal frame, the design of which makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble products.
It is also very important for a cafe to have upholstered furniture in certain areas. In a cafe, space plays an important role, therefore, priority is given to relatively small-sized products with fabric or eco-leather upholstery.

For the terrace of a cafe or restaurant, it is better to use plastic products. Products of a number of brands from high-quality plastic create high-comfort zones. It is important to choose terrace furniture that can be easily stored overnight, moved around the terrace, and will not fade in the sun.

Flux brand products add flexibility to any space and unlock the hidden potential of the establishment.

Choosing a style of furniture for a cafe and restaurant.

The style of the furniture is dictated by the format and place. Usually, we are talking about one style solution, which only slightly changes depending on the tasks of a particular zone.

You must rely on your designer to choose your furniture style. Often entrepreneurs choose a style of furniture that is dictated by their personal understanding of taste, completely forgetting that hundreds of different people will visit the establishment every day, and each of them should like the establishment as a product.

The style and task of the establishments can be divided into several groups:

  • A meeting establishment requires a calm and cozy atmosphere. To achieve these tasks, soft armchairs and spacious sofas made of high quality materials in a classic style are suitable.
  • Family-friendly establishments require large tables and furniture solutions for the little family members.
  • The diner requires a lot of seating. Modern styles make it possible to create both stylish and comfortable establishment.
  • The oriental style is characteristic of a number of establishments seeking to recreate the charming oriental atmosphere. The popularity of the format makes it difficult to create a design solution that can really surprise the consumer.
  • Loft-style establishments, bars and restaurants are another relevant and fashionable format. Many designers resort to this style because of fashion and the desire to save money, but in reality, this style severely limits the designer and in this format it is also difficult to surprise and retain the consumer.
  • Romantic cafes are a place where lovers want to enjoy each other's company. An excellent choice is sofas for two and light stylish tables.

Casual style and anti-cafe are also popular formats. Stylish in design, it allows you to create a functional space that will satisfy both the tasks of your business and your consumer.

The concept of the establishment can also be dictated by the cuisine, for example, in a Thai or Japanese restaurant, it is worth keeping the furniture in the style typical for the respective country. In this case, in the place you will create harmony and create a special atmosphere, the style of the interior will complement the sensations presented by the culinary masterpieces of your chefs.

If you do not have the necessary experience, we sincerely recommend that you contact our specialists, you will receive a lot of useful information on how to choose the right furniture for the restaurant or cafe.


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How to choose furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars. Cabinet Plus expert advice.

For the restaurant business, furniture is an important resource for attracting new visitors and maintaining the loyalty of guests who have already visited your establishment. Restaurant furniture plays the role of an important element of communication with the consumer, letting him know what to expect from the establishment.