Cabinet Plus - The Shape of Your Success.

Success manifests itself in different ways. In your professional career, this is your job title or degree. Financial success often manifests itself in the design of your new home or luxury car. And success in your personal life is usually visible on the faces of your loved ones, your family and friends - the people with whom you spend your most precious moments.



We embody success in the design of office spaces: we have identified its key characteristics, and then come up with a suitable and specific form for them. The result of our work can be seen in our portfolio.


Some researchers say that a few seconds are enough to make a lasting impression. In those first moments, you decide if you like a particular person or place. In any case, your office can immediately attract clients or advanced professionals that you would like to hire. Once people walk into your office, the carefully organized space will tell them a story.



As always, the main thing is the beginning: it should not be boring or intrusive.



Offices from Cabinet Plus are the perfect storyteller. They declare themselves, but they do it unnoticed. Instead of screaming, they gently envelop you in their voices like a skillful storyteller.


Whether you're looking at a swivel or stationary chair with a high or low back, whether it's upholstered in leather or made of stretch mesh, each piece of furniture tells you its own story that blends well with the rest of the office.



This is a story of great design, impeccable taste and your character as a leader who understands that success depends on the quality of relationships with colleagues and partners.


If you look at the office from Cabinet Plus, you will immediately notice such harmony.


As in nature, there are no complex shapes, sharp corners and sharp refractions. You will not find a single superfluous element here. These features define the timeless quality of this design, which will remain intriguing and resistant to short-term trends.


Discover Cabinet Plus.


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We had an annual meeting with our long-time partner, the German manufacturer Dauphin. We have discussed new niches for development, Mr. Kappelman has presented new products to us, which we will offer in Moldova soon.

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An armchair is a functional unit. Creating designer furniture, the artist focuses on comfort and convenience, but the difference between mass production and furniture from the designer in history and attention to details.

What affects the price of office in Chișinău.

The price of repair, construction and furnishings of offices depends on the objectives of the project. We know the best solution for each of the tasks, and you set the tasks. Therefore, if the key objective is an affordable price, we know how to achieve this.

Cabinet Plus - projects that combine offices and nature.

In Cabinet Plus projects, we create a space that allows your employees to breathe deeply and feel free. The solutions used in our projects tune specialists to work, motivate, and fill them with creative ideas.

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In the life of a business person, work never stops, therefore, for entrepreneurs and efficiency-oriented "AAA" professionals, having a home office is the norm.

Important nuances in planning and creating a hotel.

Design and architecture are an important element in the hotel business and deserve special admiration, even apart from the business models of this or that enterprise. However, first of all, a hotel is a business, so the hotel premises are carefully thought out from a social and behavioral point of view.

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For the restaurant business, furniture is an important resource for attracting new visitors and maintaining the loyalty of guests who have already visited your establishment. Restaurant furniture plays the role of an important element of communication with the consumer, letting him know what to expect from the establishment.