Executive office series by Cabinet Plus.


For the executive office to express leadership and authority, every detail must be considered, including aesthetic and functional aspects.

The office is the hallmark of your company, so the interior of the office should reflect the professional profile, goals, and message that you want to convey to the client, be it reliability, solidity, hospitality, superiority.

Therefore, the office must be luxurious and elegant, neat and clean.



Italian designers Roberto Lucci and Paolo Pampanoni have created a minimalist and modern design for the Plana collection.

This collection fully reveals a modern vision of luxury and high quality. The harmony of straight and curved lines emphasizes the flexibility of the wearer, while warm and sophisticated materials emphasize discreet nobility.

The owner of the office with Plana furniture is a reliable businessman. Angular metal legs show how much you value reliability and consistency, not only in the office but also in business relationships.

PLANA Office series

The Plana line of models from Narbutas, a Lithuanian-based company, offers a rich palette of interior solutions for offices and home offices.

Plana is furniture with a character that shows the determination and resilience of your team.



The Air series is most easily recognized by its elegant and lightweight leg design. Which at the same time perform a functional role - power and Internet cables are located inside.

When creating the Air series, designer Gediminas Juska was inspired by pristine wilderness. Air creates a functional office space that is clear as water and clean as air.

It seems as if the massive tabletop is hanging in the air. Lightness and order in the office is easy to maintain because the AIR executive desk is equipped with storage compartments covered with high-quality leather.

The owner of the office with AIR furniture is a flexible and active businessman. The airiness and nobility of this series create space for your ideas, and the lightness of this series allows you to boldly make any decisions.



KBS is a functional office furniture that will work for you. An exclusive feature of this series is the introduction into the production of the technology of casting polyurethane edges. Ergo edge - an innovative design solution with a number of advantages:

KBS allows you to create modern and effective solutions for arranging various areas of the office, organize a unique space reflecting the individuality, corporate identity, and mood of the company.

Your office setting reflects your company's philosophy and personality, speaking in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Each company has its own style! The manager's office is a manifesto of trust and determination that only a carefully thought out project with luxurious furnishings can provide.