- say No to mess! The problems that the storage system will solve.

The best way to achieve cleanliness is to create an environment in which disorder is impossible. Give color and atmosphere to a simple office space. Impossible?

See our answer to typical office problems - high-quality storage systems from European manufacturers.

1. - the antidote to chaos and clutter in your office.

In every office - yours included - you'll find a variety of characters. Music lover, adventurous traveler, active sportsman …

Hobbies are an integral part of your team. This can be a problem if they get in the way of the general office space. The storage system is ideal for storing personal items and things that are not very useful in your work.

Whatever your passion, you can safely store them in a convenient office locker and be sure that you and your colleagues can focus on work.

You have nothing to worry about, your treasures will be safe there - they will be waiting for you in a place accessible only to you.

2. - Exactly what you want.


Choose colors for your office locker as if you were painting a picture. Fresh white, delicate cashmere or luxurious oak?

A locker can reflect the style and ambiance of your office, so you can create a different setting from the usual, simple office design.


3. - Impressive at first sight.

The reception is the first point of contact in your office. Imagine that every coat, luggage or document left behind by employees and guests is always kept exactly where it should be.

The modern systems in Cabinet Plus are flexible, so they can be adapted to any reception area.


4. Sign of good taste.

Are you looking for custom solutions for your office interior? Do you have a unique office layout with a center column or sloped ceiling?

Office cabinets not only come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can arrange the individual modules in different ways to create a designer piece of furniture that fits perfectly into your existing office space.


5. All documents are in a safe place.

There is hardly anything more annoying than a confidential document left on the table. Sometimes, however, there is no choice because there are not enough lockers.

Modern office lockers have secure locks. It is an inconspicuous and secure place to store your belongings and documents. At the same time, you can be sure that they are always at hand.


6. When it gets crowded.

It is especially difficult to maintain order in crowded places. Every centimeter counts. The custom size and shape of an office can be a nuisance too.

Sometimes you have no choice but to choose custom-made furniture. Fortunately, storage systems from European suppliers can be modified and rearranged, so it will fit in any space.


7. - Maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

A flexible office wardrobe system can help you not only ensure privacy but also maintain a balance between work and personal life. When everyone has their own locker, they can stash their laptops after they finish work and get their sports equipment, before heading to the gym straight from the office. This way you can avoid carrying your corporate laptop with you wherever you go.

8. Enjoy the silence.

Now you can safely open and close your locker without disturbing the quiet in your office. You can also choose an option with a sound-absorbing pad for maximum acoustic comfort.

We all value multifunctional products. Organize and assemble your space yourself to suit your needs. Check out the possible configuration options in our furniture catalog.