Create limitless space with Cabinet Plus My Space.

Cabinet Plus is a recognized leader in the creation and transformation of spaces. Our experts use modern solutions to optimize and improve your business opportunities. The My Space product line from a world-class brand with headquarters in Lithuania, Narbutas is a modern and reliable solution for office space.

The modular system My Space is the future of office space.

Meet the updated modular acoustic baffle system. The ideal solution for the modern office. My Space is the best tool for creating acoustic comfort and privacy in open offices. My Space is a unique solution, using only three different types of screens, this product solves a huge number of tasks, offers a wide range of different combinations, and offers unlimited creativity.


My Space products are flexible solutions for those who value development.


One acoustic baffle system allows you to create a variety of zones. An area for concentrated work, an area for socializing or creative activities, or a recreation area. And most importantly, this system is rapidly transforming depending on the task.

This system provides the comfort of the working environment, allowing you to organize an individual workspace or a collaboration area. A wide range of configurations and solutions allows you to distance yourself from ambient noise and opens up new possibilities for your employees.

All you need and nothing more - My Space.


My Space Solution Palette includes:

Acoustic screens in 5 widths (800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm) and 2 heights (1320 mm, 1620 mm).

Customizable tabletops make My Space a flexible solution for almost any work environment, and the height adjustment feature helps create a comfortable workspace for individual tasks.

Electrification systems. The modular design allows you to power 6 workplaces from one outlet. My Space is available with a power adapter that can be used for a standard power supply.

Unrivaled quality is at the heart of Narbutas products.

My Space acoustic screens are filled with special sound-absorbing foam, and you choose the upholstery yourself. This product meets Acoustic Class C as tested by an independent acoustic laboratory. The choice of materials for tables and countertops matches the high quality that characterizes all Narbutas products.


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