Acoustic cabins - Cabinet Plus Experts.


To organize comfortable work in modern offices, special soundproof capsules are increasingly used. They are also called skype rooms or telephone booths.
This useful attribute will perfectly fit into the working interior, adding a certain solidity and prestige to the entire office.

Acoustic booths in the office are:
Mini conference area.
Meeting room.
An island of silence in the office.





The cabin is designed with acoustic materials and isolates up to 45 dB of noise, effectively blocking sound waves of different frequencies and volumes

No echo.

Thanks to the sound-absorbing materials inside the cab, echo is effectively damped, creating a comfortable acoustic environment.


The quiet fan renews up to 30 m⊃3; per hour. The location and design of ventilation ducts exclude local stagnation of air and carbon dioxide (CO₂).



Three-layer triplex.

We use a safe three-layer triplex in the cabins. Each layer is of different thickness in order not to enter into resonance at different frequencies of sound.

LED lighting.

The cockpit is equipped with an LED-lamp with comfortable lighting, which you can further customize for yourself.

USB port and socket.

There is an outlet (220V) and a USB port inside the cab. This allows all the devices necessary for the operation to be connected to the network.



Smart electronics.

An acoustic booth knows when someone is inside. The cabin automatically turns on and off the ventilation system and lights. Switching on interval 6-8 minutes.
Great possibilities for customization - the ability to choose the type and color of the upholstery. The outer part can be made not of fabric but using laminated chipboard.

Adequate soundproofed spaces stimulate the exchange of ideas, reduce noise levels, increase concentration and increase employee productivity.

The working process in the cabins is as comfortable as possible thanks to well-thought-out ergonomics, technological solutions, and natural premium materials.