Cabinet Plus. How to work from home for pleasure.

In the life of a business person, work never stops, therefore, for entrepreneurs and efficiency-oriented professionals, having a home office is the norm. A workspace equipped at home allows you to react more quickly to changes in business and opens up new opportunities for businessmen striving for growth, so it is especially important to approach the creation of an office at home.


Optimize your workplace for your needs and tasks.


In Japanese culture, there is the concept of "shibui", which implies elegant restraint and nobility, the absence of eccentricity or vulgarity. In accordance with this concept, there is no more perfect and beautiful knife than the sharpest knife, because it is better than every other knife in its function. Create a home office with a similar philosophy. Analyze and weigh all the tasks you solve during your work and create a working space for your tasks.

If you are doing business and analytical tasks, it is critical for you not to be distracted. When it comes to creative tasks, then the environment should not limit, but, on the contrary, bring your creative impulses to a new level.

Think about how you will use your home office. How often do you call your partners or employees? Will clients or partners visit your home office? How much storage space do you need? The answers to these questions will define the look of your workplace.

The theater begins with the hangers and the workspace with the armchair. Choose the best one.

It is difficult to deny the facts: the optimal position for work is sitting, it is a fact, as well as the statement that successful people work much more than the rest. To keep back pain and fatigue from getting in the way of your path to success, it is critical to choose the right furniture, in particular a work chair. Remember, an ergonomic chair will relieve your body of discomfort and allow you to work smarter. For example, the Freedom chair by designer Niels Diffrient automatically adapts to the user and creates an optimal working environment.

Freedom by Niels Diffrient

Get the right equipment. The equipment will not work for you, but it will solve many problems.

The time spent by business people and high-quality specialists is too expensive to be spent fighting the environment and technology. You probably already have the best equipment, but modern ergonomic systems make them more efficient. For example: under the American brand Humanscale, USA there is a whole cohort of solutions for an efficient workspace. Stands for laptops and keyboards, holders for system units, and devices for cable management. All products are of the highest quality, for professionals in the “AAA” category.


Desktop magic - you have to make an effort to stop working.

The table is another element of the interior without which work is impossible. The furniture industry offers an infinite number of interior solutions. When it comes to premium tables, there are two main form factors: high quality “timeless classics” complemented by modern shapes such as the OLLLY table by designer Pavel Vetrov.

OLLLY by Pavel Vetrov

Or high-tech solutions that open up to their owners a new level of ergonomics and comfort. For example: a table with the ACTIVE height adjustment function from the Lithuanian brand Narbutas. Advanced functionality allows not only to select the optimal height for a seated user, but also to work while standing.


The right workroom lamp illuminates your path to success.

Good lighting in the workroom is the foundation of productivity. For example: the HORIZON table lamp is a true icon of design and functionality, a product that has won 17 design awards.

HORIZON by Peter Statis and Michael McCoy

Anti-stress environment.


The austere look of your office is not a role model at all. At home, you can afford an anti-stress environment. The optimal solution will be shades, materials and decor that evoke pleasant moments and emphasize your individuality.