- Office design for good mental health.

The office should be a place that can support, rather than interfere with our mental health.

2020 is a year we will not forget. It tested our professionalism and mental health. Many studies show that healthy and happy workers increase their productivity, and companies are paying attention to this.

A corporate focus on health and wellness is part of a wider recognition of the benefits of mindfulness and mental health both in the workplace and in general.

There is no doubt that stress, anxiety and depression have intensified as people struggle with the limitations of isolation and are forced to lead new lifestyles. Employers are rethinking the physical design of office space and how it can play an important role in improving the mental health of their employees.

Numerous studies confirm that the psychological well-being of the employees is critical to employee engagement. Companies that invest more in employee support reap more benefits. Now more than ever, mental health in the office is an important design theme.
Office interior design for good mental health.

Plants and wood materials reduce stress, while natural daylight overlooking nature helps reduce anxiety.

An office with green walls and lots of plants to purify the air and create a healthy indoor climate. Combined with ventilation, this reduces the transmission of airborne pathogens.


Fantastic lightness.


Natural light is vital and workers who work more in the natural daylight are more efficient. Orange office in Chisinau has an open space office, with more desktops near windows, and focusing and collaboration areas separated by acoustic panels to maintain comfortable sound levels and reduce noise-related stress.

Different people and different spaces.

Designing different types of workspaces for different work styles also increases engagement, and this employee-centric approach improves the quality of life in the office.

For example, the wellness design of Moldova Agroindbank's offices in Chisinau combines individual open-plan workplaces with relaxation areas for focusing or collaborating, informal work areas, and closed focus rooms.

Designing for different personalities means that everyone will find a place they really enjoy working in. An office in which you feel you can be yourself has a positive effect on psychological well-being.


Space for freedom.


More and more offices are establishing quiet places for reflection, meditation. In some cases, these are small converted conference rooms with comfortable furniture inside.

But companies are increasingly thinking about where these rooms are located and spending more and more money on their design.

And quiet spaces are increasingly becoming part of a broader corporate well-being strategy that aims to create more positive workplace experiences and keep people energized and engaged.

At the Cvartal Imobil office in Chisinau, recreation areas help staff reduce stress levels and get closer communication with colleagues and clients.


Maintaining the community.


Redesigning the workspace to prioritize collaboration will strengthen the office as a vital space for the exchange of ideas and corporate culture.

An office is an important space where employees can feel like they are part of something bigger, part of a team, a community. Experts who accept and share such a culture are ready to put a lot more effort into their work.

Cabinet Plus - we create spaces that can heal, not interfere with mental health.