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Premium models of chairs are years of scientific development, research of human ergonomics and physiology, the best materials, advanced technologies.

Hundreds of top-notch international professionals invest their time and talent in development. They create the perfect chair that will take care of your health and well-being for years to come. Cabinet Plus is a leader in creating and optimizing workspaces. We offer a wide range of furniture, ready to satisfy the needs of any buyer, including the most demanding aesthetes.

SILVER - armchair from the James Bond movie.


Armchair SILVER, created by designer Hadi Teherani, from the INTERSTUHL brand, Germany. This armchair is an established icon in the premium seating segment. The model pushes the boundaries of excellence.

The body is made of brushed aluminum. All control systems are integrated into the body. All mechanisms and control devices are hidden inside the case.

Silver is a perfect complement to any space, while it is perfect on its own. The shape, quality, curves, and details of this model will not leave anyone indifferent.

A new level of Freedom


Designer Niels Different is convinced that form is primarily dictated by function.

Therefore, all the design solutions used in the Freedom chair, from the American brand Humanscale, primarily solve ergonomic problems.

Freedom is a chair that automatically adapts to the user and allows him to work in the most comfortable position.

Aluminum base in the shape of a five-pointed star, powder-coated.

The counterbalance mechanism uses the weight of the seated person. No additional adjustments required for optimal convenience.

When reclining backward, the angle between the torso and legs increases for the most comfortable sitting.

Eye-level is maintained constantly in one position while sitting on a chair or reclining.

If you need secure lumbar support, Freedom is a great option. Thanks to its unique mechanism, you will have enough lower support, no matter how you move in the chair.

Even when you lean back in the Freedom chair, your lower back will be well supported.



Chair designer Martin Ballendat created a model that will be in constant contact with the body and provide support, no matter where the user is.

Thanks to the use of Syncro®-Dynamic technology, the body position is always in balance. Firstly, it does not constrain the dynamics of sitting, and secondly, the process of a long stay in a chair is not tiring but comfortable.

The seat base is particularly flexible and is divided into three segments, which perfectly adapts the backrest angle during movement. In addition, the spine is actively supported in accordance with the position of the hips.

InTouch follows the movement of its user with a three-piece seat and backrest that is modeled according to body shape. Thus, InTouch provides ideal comfort for the person sitting on it.

The seat and backrest are constantly adjusted during movement, being at the ideal angle in relation to each other.

Thanks to this, the whole process of sitting in a chair promotes a healthy posture and eliminates fatigue.



The Boing armchair by Status Group is a solution for businessmen who value reputation and image. In this model, advanced ergonomics and comfort are combined with a monolithic construction that loudly proclaims the reliability and strength of the user.

High-quality materials are used in the production. Luxury leather is used for upholstery of soft parts, the distinctive features of which are high strength, good wear resistance, and status appearance.

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Luxurious furniture is classic in nature. Manufacturers do not sacrifice quality in the manufacture of products, use materials of the highest quality and attract specialists with many years of experience.