Modern offices in Moldova: everything you need to know.

Modern office space is truly beautiful. Gone are the endless rows of booths, replaced by spacious rooms, vibrant colors, natural lighting and materials.

This shift from indoor to open office design has had a profound impact on the happiness, productivity, and creativity of employees in modern offices around the world.

But how do you move from a more traditional closed office environment to new, modern office space? In this article, Cabinet Plus experts will tell you everything you need to know about creating the perfect office for you, your team, and your clients.


Everything you need to know about modern office space:

1) Office encourages creativity, collaboration, and communication.

The three pillars of business - creativity, collaboration, and communication - represent the set of behaviors that all managers seek to promote within their team.

There are many ways that managers and business owners can stimulate creativity, collaboration, and communication, but one of the most effective is through the environment in which their employees work.


2) Office reduces stress and anxiety.

Modern office spaces not only stimulate work but also reduce stress and anxiety.

Use soft and inviting office furniture. Comfortable sofas, plush chairs, and natural color palettes (such as green, blue, yellow, etc.) are good for office workers' productivity.

These attractive elements help reduce the stress and anxiety that today's fast-paced business creates.


3) The office allows team members to focus and concentrate.


A modern office space should facilitate collaboration and communication.

Your team members also need a place to focus on their own or in small groups. Your workplace should provide this opportunity.

The lack of such a solution in the office can lead to the fact that your office will alienate the part of the workforce that prefers to work in a quiet and calm environment. This requirement may be especially true for professionals who are involved in operational or creative tasks, in which concentration is a particularly important aspect of the work activity.

At first glance, this might seem to be inconsistent with the idea of ​​fostering collaboration and communication. But in fact, it is the ability to work in privacy that adds value to shared office spaces.

Through collaboration and communication, big ideas turn into great ones. The space for teamwork allows you to bring the idea to perfection, and it is at this moment that office zones for individual work come to the rescue, because only by independently understanding all aspects of the task an employee can complete it perfectly.

It is the combination of shared and shared workspaces in the office that maximizes the efficiency of your team.

4) Creates a professional image for clients and customers.

While some areas of your office may be quirky, weird, or downright chaotic, other areas should create a professional image for visiting clients and clients.

Typically, this means that you should design façade areas such as the front desk, visitor hall, and conference room to be more discreet, concise, and professional.

It is important even at the stage of development and planning of office space, even before the purchase of office furniture, the division of the two spaces was taken into account and worked out in detail. The first is for employees, whose main task is to increase the efficiency of specialists, the second is a representative area for clients and customers.

5) Includes natural design elements.

More and more modern office spaces incorporate natural elements, also called natural elements, into their aesthetic designs.

People are always drawn to natural elements. When they feel in touch with nature, their health improves their concentration increases, their creativity increases, and their productivity increases.

There are many ways to add intimacy with nature to the design of your office space. The simplest and most effective are:


  • Natural materials such as wood and stone;
  • ​Natural light in the office through large windows or glass ceilings;
  • Plants in the office that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and purify the air;
  • Running water, such as fountains, streams, or waterfalls;
  • Views of nature through the windows.

While some design elements (like running water and large windows) may not be practical in all cases, other biophilic components are fairly easy to incorporate into your modern office space.

6) Like home.

Another great way to inspire your team is to design your workspace to associate with your home environment. This means that the office space is physically and mentally comfortable, in such a space the employee feels in a safe and reliable environment.

Bright and comfortable office furniture, ping pong table in the living room can make a modern office space more relaxing and carefree.

These elements give team members the opportunity to take short breaks to give their body and mind time to rest, recharge, recover, and stay productive throughout the day.

At the same time, employees can use these "home" areas to collaborate with their colleagues or discuss work-related issues. It makes the activity more relaxed - like you are relaxing with a friend after a hard day at work - and it helps people feel more comfortable while still being open to new ideas.


An office is an important tool in the struggle for profit.


Obviously, creating a modern office space is a long process requiring additional investments. It is important to understand that this investment is an investment in the efficiency of specialists and ultimately, not only makes employees happy but also leads to increased profits.


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