What is Office Design.

The term "office design" refers to the decorative and functional aspects of the workspace - it has become a science and implies:

  • Sustainability.

  • Technology.

  • Health and wellness.

  • Corporate culture.

It is important to note that office design is not only about arranging tables and chairs in a room, it is a whole science.

Interior design is now considered a vital and integral part of creating a successful office space, be it a new finish or a renewal of existing furnishings.

There are three main factors to consider when planning your workspace design:

  • Physical.

  • Technological.

  • Human.



Comfortable working conditions significantly increase the employee's efficiency and increase his loyalty. The workspace can be divided into two main types: open and private. 

Open offices stimulate teamwork and allow you to more efficiently perform work that requires the participation of a large number of specialists. At the same time, the individual space is perfect for tasks and professionals requiring increased concentration and perseverance.

The trend in office design is the formation of conditions under which an employee can choose a workstation depending on the tasks to be solved and his psychological profile. It is this solution that allows specialists of different professions and psychological types to work equally effectively, which in turn leads to the maximum synergy of employees.

An office design from a professional company takes this factor into account. With proper space planning, creating physical comfort in the office does not require a large amount of additional investment, but at the same time significantly increases the efficiency of the business. With this solution, the design and ergonomics of the space will correspond to your company's culture and brand values.

Adjustable tables provide maximum physical comfort while working.



Research shows that 85% of employees believe they could do their job better with the right technology. Technology in the office allows designers to create a modern office in which the efficiency of employees is significantly higher.

Wireless chargers, built-in touchscreens, audio-visual solutions, cabling, affordable, and smart power supplies make the office more elegant and at the same time provide practical power solutions.

Power supply is a comfortable solution for a modern office.



Office design is primarily based on the needs of your employees. Only rich experience and a large number of completed projects allow the designer to create conditions in which all the needs of employees will be taken into account.

Office design is a functional business solution. There are often situations when it is pleasant for visitors to be in a beautiful and decorated office, but it is almost impossible for employees to work. Often, unnecessary bells and whistles, on the contrary, interfere with work. The designer's job is to create an ergonomic office space that solves the challenges of your business.


Office design is an important element in corporate culture.

The relationship between business and culture is a well-studied issue. The reports claim that office design and layout reflect, support, influence, and even change the values ​​and principles of the team that works in it.

Comfortable and flexible spaces are the basis for an efficient and progressive team.

"Types" of the corporate culture.

The culture of companies and professional teams is divided into 4 types:

A “collaborative” culture is best cultivated in a flexible, fairly open space with informal and group areas.

A culture of "creation" is also best supported by a flexible environment with organic layouts, informal group areas, and multiple enclosed spaces.

A culture of “control” - goes well with a high ratio of individual to group space, structured, symmetrical layouts, and more formal spaces with a higher level of intimacy.

The culture of "competition" is best fueled by a mixture of formal and informal spaces, low to medium levels of intimacy, and medium proportions of spaces between individuals and groups.

Office space is the best way to showcase a company's culture.

You may be surprised to learn that despite the continuing trend towards open-plan workspaces, the degree of encapsulation and structured layout is culturally beneficial in certain types of organizations.

By creating and transforming office space, we solve the problems of your business. Find out more about the work of Cabinet Plus specialists in our portfolio.